Friday, July 15, 2016

Real short sex stories of hot wives

Hot Wife with stranger
Me and my hot wife were traveling back from visiting family back in the other city. A very good looking guy in a sports car passed us but then slowed alongside. He smiled and waved and we went along for several miles flirting back and forth. Eventually he waved goodbye and sped on ahead. About 20 minutes later we pulled off into a rest area to do what you have to do once in a while on a long car trip. There his car was, and he was just walking back to it. He started right in flirting as soon as my wife got out of our car and they talked for a few minutes with his comments getting more and more lewd while I was purchasing some snacks. She sent me a text to keep on watching her from a distance. My wife's was too hot, which she usually do. The outcome of all this was that after about 10 minutes of talking by cars, she walked behind the rest area building and gave him a blow job. So far it is the only totally anonymous sexual encounter of my married life, since we joined the swinging lifestyle.


Cheating Wife
I have been in a long term relationship since high school. What my husband doesn't know is that I fucked another guy. I went backpacking through Europe before starting university. I picked up a guy at a bar. We started out just dancing but I soon found myself at a quiet table in the corner of the bar. I climbed on top of the guy and he started kissing my tits and rubbing my ass. His fingers found there way under my skirt and into my dripping pussy. I undid his pants and slipped out his hard cock.  He ripped off my panties and I began fucking him. I let him finger my ass and I rode his hard cock. Before he came, I slid off and wrapped my lips around him so he could cum down my throat. We left the bar shortly after that and headed to a hotel. He slipped the clerk $100 us to let us take a room for a few hours. The things he did to me from there I couldn't begin to explain. I can only say I was thoroughly fucked and enjoyed every second of it. My husband back home still thinks he has been the only man for me . . .if only I could tell him how much I liked fucking a complete stranger.

My hot husband and Life guard.
I was at a waterpark in Spain with my husband. We decided to try out the tube slide. So we got our tubes and started going down the slide, at the third pool, a hot lifeguard was assisted me down the next slide, and he asked something in Spanish...I simply nodded, not knowing the language. My husband winked me to carry on. At the end of the slide we decided to go again, but as we were going back the the beginning, the same lifeguard was walking towards me, he grabbed my hand gently and lead me to the men's changing rooms... I was completely shocked, but I could feel myself getting wet, I never even noticed leaving my husband.By the time we entered the changing room he was completely hard and ready to go. Not being able to resist we both started kissing passionately, and I lowered myself down to his cock, and I heard his groans as I sucked at it, after 5 minutes he pulled me up and slammed me against the door, and we fucked. That was my best fuck ever which was provided my a stranger.

Wife sharing on tour
It was my first day in Italy with my husband. I don't speak the language, but I met one guy who knew a few words of English. My husband called me and asked me to pick the guy.After about a week, we were spending everyday together. One night we went to the field, it was like a stadium. I asked my husband to follow me. He kept on following silently.We sat on the bleachers and started to French kiss-he kept asking me something in Italian but I had no idea what it was so I just said, OK? All of a sudden he laid me down and started grabbing my breasts, softly and then harder. He climbed on top of me and pulled out his penis, unzipped my pants, it happened so quickly, all I remember is this large cock in my wet pussy. Meanwhile my husband arrived there and the guy was shocked. He got up but I smiled. I told him that he was fucking me infront of my husband. Soon the guy was in comfort and my husband joined us on the same place. They both went on fast fucking by trying all my was the best sex I've ever had.

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Massage Trap For My Hot Wife

My name is Arsal. Today, I am sharing a real Massage story of my Wife. This story would be a hot one. Before going to my story,I would first like to give a brief introduction of my married life.I am 35Y old and my wife is almost 28Y now.We have been married 5 years ago and it was an arranged marriage.She is not from our family.After 2 years of marriage my first daughter child came into our life.Before my first child our sex life was quite amazing and we do have sex every other night without missing a chance to add taste to our sex with all the possible position including the nasty things like swallowing and licking etc. My Wife appeared such a hot wife , you would surely love her after reading this story, who managed to give me all the styles of nasty sex during our sessions.


After the birth of our baby,we started to develop a strange feeling.I suddenly started to think about my wife in other way.I imagined to see her being banged by some other guy and soon I expressed my feelings to her during our sex session.She was quite surprised by my thoughts and angry as well in the beginning but my fantasy was getting stronger with every passing day.I started to discuss about two tools inside her when i was banging her and soon she started to respond.For the first few months the things just remained to a verbal talk and I should say that whenever we discussed such words during sex,We had intense orgasms.

One day,sitting on the internet,I found an ad of a body masseur in Islamabad.The ad seemed to be quite interesting as he offered full sex massage services for Hot wives.I discussed it with my wife and soon convinced her to get a full sensational body massage in my presence.I called the number and after confirming the formal details,I decided to meet the guy in a public place and then if I liked him,I would bring him home.My Hot wife agreed the idea.The next day,I met the guy who was almost in his early twenties and believe me,I really like him as he was muscular and well built.I can feel a large tool in his pants as his bulge can show me the size of his tool.

I called my wife and asked her to get ready for Wife Massage.I brought the guy home with me and we managed to chat for at least 30 minutes before the arrival of my wife.My wife came after getting my baby sleeping.I sat on sofa and my wife was lying on the floor as per his instructions.The boy got a perfumed oil which made the atmosphere of the room very pleasant.I asked him to remove his clothes so that he can massage easily.I was getting vibrations inside my pants as the guy was massaging my wife's buttocks.He started from legs and then moved upwards.His hands nicely brushed my wife's back and she was also getting naughty along the massage.I could not control myself so i got up and went near my wife and started to caress her hairs.She grabbed my tool while the boy continued to massage her buttocks.

Then he asked my Hot wife to turn around.The towel was still on her body.I asked my wife to remove the towel so that the guy can get a better option for massage.She agreed and i pulled her towel.My wife's breasts were in-front of the massage guy and his bulge inside his underwear can say all about his feelings.I asked him if he is uneasy he can remove his underwear.He obeyed my words and soon his large tool jumped out of his underwear.He was fat and long.I felt embarrassed after watching his tool as mine was almost 2-3 inches smaller than him.He touched his tool to my wife's pubic area and started to massage her breasts.When he was massaging her breasts,My hot Wife started to suck me.It was awesome.

My wife massage session has achieved its climax.Soon the guy took an eye permission from me to enter inside her.I made an agreement and the boy inserted his tool inside my wife's hot vagina.She screamed with pleasure.I could not control my self after watching this scene and soon exploded all my hot load inside my wife's throat.She was habitual to that so she didn't allowed any drop to fall.The guy continued to bang her and massage her breasts.I again got my tool ready in 5 minutes.I asked the guy to lay down and made my wife to sit on his tool,taking it in her ass.It was much painful for my wife as she has taken mine small tool before.Finally she managed to sit fully on it after feeling a lot of pain.Then i entered her front area and we started to bang her in sandwich style sex.We banged her for at least 10-15 minutes and then the guy came inside her ass.I asked my wife to suck his tool in the second session and she really enjoyed it.Finally the guy again released after a suck of at least 20 minutes in my wife's mouth.We thanked him and I paid the massage fees to the guy which was only Rs-500.It was the best night for me and my Hot wife ever.I hope you enjoyed My Wife Massage Stories.

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