Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hot Story Of A Hot Wife [With Photos]

I was so excited to spend the weekend with Boss. It had been a few weeks he was sharing my wife because of vacation and other stuff, and I had really missed him. There weren't any spicy parties to go to this weekend, but I really enjoy that our relationship has a good bit of the wife sharing aspect as well. Sex is fun, a lot of fun. But there's more to developing a connection and intimacy with someone than just having sex with them. I've been thinking about writing a post about what polygamy means to me, Comments about my hot wife are welcome. She has opalescent kind of body.
I got to his city with my sexy wife on Friday, and he was waiting for me when I stepped off the car. I saw him embracing, happy to see my wife, and then he was taking her in his arms for a kiss. It makes me so happy just to be able to go out with him like in an extra-ordinary relationship. There's no deception or being kept a secret, we can be open that we care about each other and enjoy spending time together.
It was a wonderful weekend. We've been seeing each other for five months now, and it's still getting better. We had a pretty early night on Friday since we were both tired from work, so after we had dinner we went straight to our bed. Although not to sleep! Either I was more sensitive than usual, or I'd just forgotten how good he was with his mouth and penis, because every touch to my wife's boobs was pure ecstasy. Pleasure simply doesn't describe how I feel when we're having sex. I love the sensation of cumming so hard and so many times that I can't think or talk, just feel so good. The orgasms get so intense after a while that part of my mind is begging for him to bang my wife harder because I don't think I can handle her four times, and the other part is wishing for him never to stop. It is more than Incredible.
On Saturday, my wife told me that there was a carnival in town, so we decided to go and spend the day there. we both thought it might make a fun date. My hot wife always has interesting and creative ideas for us to do together! We had a really nice time. She was acting like a connoisseur in our threesome sessions. I never had to begrudge for sex. she's just an exemplary.
But of course, after a day together, we were both eager to get back to his place to rip my wife's clothes off! I was a little tired after our busy day, so although I brought him to the bed , fasten my wife to the bed while I kept him on the edge and sucked his cock. I love doing that as she was enjoying to watch. He had a powerful erection to surge her pussy when I finally let him to bang deep. It makes me happy. I got an idea to sit back and make a nice movie of them while fucking.

It was incredible to watch a hot wife in that style. He knows about my MFM fantasy, so he used some slang words, keeping a ferocious time that was like a gnashing of teeth in unison. I believe I enjoyed this contest more than any other mule there. At the time I remember thinking that the fantasy thing can't possibly be any better than this was. The anticipation is delicious, though! Then we fucked her three times by changing her holes. I love how my wife acts to my ideology, it's so much fun knowing that she can make us cum together.I hope readers have enjoyed my laconic story.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hot Images of Shared Wife

Do You Want To Read Stories From Wives About Being Shared? Join friendly people sharing hot wife photos and true wife stories. I Want to Read Stories From Wives after watching these photos of shared wives.  Here is a wife getting double penetrated. What a hot pic of a amateur wife getting double penetrated by two guys as her husband takes a close up pic.

A beautiful housewife has been shared by two black studs in from of her man. Will her holes be ever the same after that double entry?
An amateur wife gets two huge black guys up for her. This dirty wife is a trooper for taking those monsters while her husband records.
Here is a great vintage photo of a mature wife being shared by her husband and his friend. She enjoys while they bang her deep.
A hot husband brings his cheating wife to a motel and records her getting taken by two other friends. They fill her all holes. check this photo of wife threesome.
I finally approached my wife about sharing her sexually with other men. We are always up for a good chat from our followers and the like. Right now I’m trying to find a way to load a video of the wife but here is how she enjoys with a group of guys.

I love when she looks into the camera. She gives the greatest expressions while I feel the sensation of wife sharing. The kind that make a man want to burst inside of her. She is a declared hot wife now.

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Sensual Massage For Husband And Wife

Through the times the penis has been worshiped and greeted. Husband is always welcomed by a Hot Wife if he has a nice penis.Now we determine what this means for a Hot Wife.? And it is quite clear why it arouses such strong feelings of attraction. We have too look for benefits of a penis massage.The old Japanese wife gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Whole body massage” as she uses all of herself to honor the husband. This record-breaking movie explores the contrast between the soft delicacy of the feminine and the rock-hard firmness of the husband's penis.


There are plenty of advantages in a penis massage: like building better shaft for you and your Hot Wife, learning more about your sensual part, spicing up your usual sex routine and getting much closer to your spouse too during a loving and very erotically charged massage session. When there is a proper connection between a man and a woman, a technique does not matter much, it is tenderness, love and respect that will play the main role here and make the experience mutually pleasurable and unforgettable.


If you have never tried anything like this before, then it will be a good opportunity for you to learn how to receive pleasure from your penis before sex. It may become an unusual and somewhat adventurous journey for you, and our massage services will be your best option on the way to closer intimacy and open sensuality.


Even in our modern world which is full of casual sex encounters and virtual sex, a sensual massage for a Hot wife still remains a great practice. Quite often wives would avoid point-black asking for this ‘extra’ service feeling too embarrassed to do so. Any Hot Wife will need the right settings, mood and chemistry between the giving and the receiving party to go all the way. That is why our wife massage is unique and namely pussy massage session will be such a unique experience before sex. You will hardly find something like this anywhere else. Why, while watching those authentic top quality sensual massage for wives, you will be able to feel the passion and your emotions would touch the peak. You will forget your routine type of sex with your wife.But whether you are going to try it yourself or not, We are here to please you as couples. We love to provide fun especially for a Husband and a Hot Wife. We rest assure your privacy and secrecy. First penis massage session for husbands and pussy massage session with body massage is free for couples.If you need our confidential and erotic services just drop an email to the address

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What I Feel About My Hot Wife

I am touching my forty-third of age. I married her when she was just 22. There was a big difference between my Hot Wife's age and mine. I kept on satisfying her daily but as she was young, I failed to keep it smooth. I loved her very much. I never wanted to loose her company. After a thinking of months,I got up a final solution;i.e to get her involved with young guys. I've so many fantasies about my wife; most of them were about her boobs; most of them were very stubborn, but what really turned me on was the fantasy of watching her with a boy of teen ages.I've to admit that some of the more exciting ideas were really dirty and perfect for every Husband of my nature.


Her breasts are such a complete turn-on. They are Gems to be admired and enjoyed. you cannot deny this fact. I shared her videos on Massage Xvideos for Hearing comments, and people started sharing thoughts as just plain fun.


I allowed her to stare at young guys. I often asked her to dress in a sexy style so that road guys can have a good look of her assets. She liked the idea and kept on staring guys for fun. Later, I selected the most beautiful guy and recommended her to bring him home.

It was a real turn on. I kept on watching their sexual play. The teen boy was experienced enough to play with her assets.

My Sexy Wife was enjoying this fun without bothering my feelings. It was just what I needed from her.I liked her act of doing all bravely.


One thing which surprised me was; the boy had a fat tool. He was well endowed.It was really a nice tool for my shared wife. He liked her butts and wanted a rear entry. She allowed him to use all holes.



I hope all Wife lovers would like my style of Wife Sharing. These pictures narrate all scenes that happened during our session. How you rate my Hot Wife? share your comments, I like reading such comments about her.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Sharing My Wife

Every Husband likes to think that he is the center of his wife’s universe but I love Sharing My Wife with others.Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to my Hot wife.So I share my wife’s hot moments and that’s just fine with me.I watch quietly when she goes for a wild action with some Wife Lover.I smile when she opens her Vaginal doors to receive those Long Shafts of meat and each horse is waiting in front of her legs to be fed.I fall in love all over again as I watch her gently stroke each one and whisper in their ears.My Wife loves double entries as it fulfills her all desires and I never stop her.I enjoy Sharing My Wife with other.Here is a set of photos of My Hot Wife.








I don't know that some people will like My Hot Wife fantasies and Wife Sharing habits but I enjoy that lifestyle.It is the best way of providing your wife a fun life without disturbing your marriage.If someone wishes to Bang My Wife,I would not mind that.I would welcome him to Screw My Wife.She loves it and enjoys.I hope My Wife is still an attractive piece to fun.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Massage For My Hot Wife: She Loved It

I was in doubts about my Ex-Wife. My hot wife often seemed not interested in sex with me. It was a shocking news as it started happening in last few months. Two months passed away in hopeless expectation on my part. One day, I went to office, leaving her home, but suddenly I decided to wait outside the flat. After 30-40 minutes, she called me and said that she had to go for massage. I allowed her but went chasing her. It was around a mile away from our flat. I never knew the fact until I chased her in a hidden manner. It seemed to be a ladies spa from the outside, but, the real secret was disclosed When I inquired at the hotel for that massage spa.
I had a Cheating Wife, I had to confirm. They said; the one I was talking is an all kind spa (Including Happy ending). I decided to give it a whirl. I loved the thought that "My Wife is a Gangster." How pleased I was!!! When I met the spa manager without telling her about my Sexy Wife.It was cool to hire two staff people for a little money. They got ready to put some hidden cams during my wife's massage session. The staff was really nice. so welcoming, the massage for wife was great. I was lucky enough to get an my wife's video later,Unfortunately I was not there to see the live session, but took total advantage.

I am going to Share my Wife's video here. I hope all would love this special video of my Ex-Wife as she can not exculpate from this blunder.
later on, I decided to treat my hot-wife as slut taking a Wife Massage. (it was a full spa, massages of all kinds for her. One of the best fuck she got with that young guy. I have never seen her like that. The locker room was clean and has all the necessary amenities (shampoo, conditioner, towels, robes, etc). And a steam room! Due to a timing issue I took a core fusion class. The boy with my hot wife was adorable. He annihilated her pussy nicely. Hard class, but it was really fun.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Please Share My Hot Wife Photos

I have gone through many posts on this wife sharing blog. After watching so many wife lovers here I have decided to share My Wife pics. I had a fantasy to watch my wife having sex with strangers. So, I managed to get someone and record the moments. This idea was so pleasing that I never cared about the results and picked up a stranger for the task.One day I was just coming back from market and I saw a decent guy standing along the road.I offered him the lift and he was keen to accept.While traveling,we liked each other so I decided to bring him home.It was never a planned Wife Sharing session so My Wife was surprised.I will skip the details that how I agreed them but I am sharing some nice Photos of my Wife here.








Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Adult Body Massage and facts

It is a kind of fun. The adult body massage is a type of massage in which both people get a sexual pleasure. This special massage therapy makes one person giving to another will include or lead to sexual contact. Don't expect to get a sensual massage at a daylight spa if you are afraid of being exposed. If you walk in to a conventional spa or massage therapy center and ask for a massage with "a little something extra," you're bound to at least be nude -- if not thrown out on the street.


What Is An Adult Massage?
In this special type of massage, Mostly or 95% of the women getting it are sexually fucked at the end. And the men receiving adult massage are also doing the same kind of men that may result in a handjob or full sex in the end. It is called happy ending. Most of such adult body massage services are home based.The massage therapists who work at spas are trained at Massage therapy schools through massage therapy classes, which has nothing to do with providing sexual gratification. Rather, these professional masseuses use their knowledge of the body to provide relaxation and accelerate the healing process of massage.

Adult body massage as it is conventionally known is an illegal practice in many countries (Mostly Islamic) including Pakistan. The said service where men are massaged in a way that provides sexual gratification by hot women. In common parlance, these are known as 'full release' massages. In most parts of the world, any massage parlor or center that offers a 'full release' adult massage is breaking the law.Even so, adult massage parlors are far from uncommon. They can be found in nearly every metropolitan area in the Western world, often in second story walk-ups on the shady side of town.

It is a breach of spa etiquette to ask for sex, or any form of sexual contact as part of a conventional therapeutic body massage(excluding the home services). If you disregard this fact and ask a massage provider for sexual contact, the massage therapist will pause and tell you that is not the purpose of this massage. The masseuse might continue working, but don't be surprised if they don't. If you persist with these requests, the masseuse will discontinue working and you may wind up in legal trouble.Massage therapists commonly say that me usually ask for sex in an indirect fashion, requesting that they "work higher" when they get to their thighs or "work lower" when they massage their chest and abdomen. Once again, this is inappropriate behavior.Hence you must seek a home service where you can get released during body massage therapy.

If you are considering incorporating sensual body massage into your love life, first have a discussion about it with your partner(women). You don't need to be crafty or suggestive about it. Just plainly mention it to your partner and she will likely be amenable to it. Even if you feel shy or embarrassed about your desires, shelve your trepidation and ask. Make your partner a gift basket with a book on sensual massage and several bottles of massage oil. Perhaps a CD of sexy music and a bottle of wine might help you. Agree her for getting a couple Massage at home and get a good looking guy for massage therapy at home. Get a cloth-less body massage or get released during that which would be ideal for erotic body massage.

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Wife massage story

Today, I am going to share you the real experience of body massage of a wife. Let's narrate this massage story in her own words. I entered the room. I had been so stressed out with the kids that I was glad to have a massage. It was my husband's idea. He said "just go out and get relaxed". I took my clothes off as guided by the massage staff, down to my black lace undies which I usually saved for sexy occasions, but they were the only clean ones in my closet. I lay down on the massage table, placed the towel over my bum and waited for the masseur. I started to relax and I dozed off. 

The Massage Session.
I awoke to hands massaging my back. the hands obviously belonged to a male as they felt big and strong as they kneaded the knots out of my back. I felt absolutely sublime. After he had finished the back he moved onto my feet where and up onto my legs massage.

He started kneading my calfs until they were limp. He lifted the towel to just above the start of my bum so he would have been able to see the black lace. He massaged the back of my thighs and rubbing in the oil so his hands moved easily over my skin. As he got higher I started to get slightly aroused and involuntarily opened my legs a fraction. He worked on my thighs for a long time and all the time I was just aching for him to go slightly higher. He started to stroke my thigh lightly and I felt my pussy getting wet. I was just worried that he would be able to see the wet patch.

He asked me to turn over onto my back and I did so, keeping my eyes closed so I would be able to stay in this dream state. However I forgot to place the towel over my boobs. He so kindly place it there and when removing his hands slightly skimmed my nipples which instantly became hardened with the sensation. As he did that I let out a tiny moan. I could feel myself getting wetter but I didn't care any longer. He massaged my legs and once again moved to my thighs. He stroked the softly and I could feel his fingers getting higher but every time he brought them closer to my pussy he would take his fingers away. He moved to the inside of my thigh, just softly stroking. I was nearly having an orgasm just from his fingers stroking. I was extremely aroused and started arching my back slightly. My panties where flooded with my juices and i was letting out small whimpers. I was completely out of control!

And then finally his fingers crept inside of my panties and started searched for my clit. frustrated, he ripped my panties apart and moved his fingers straight to his desire. when he touched my clit, I moaned and was nearly at orgasm. I brought both my knees up so he could see better and started bucking my hips as his fingers moved up and down. He then applied his tongue and put his fingers in my pussy. I rode his fingers and with one last flick of his tongue I came. I convulsed and shuddered after experiencing the best orgasm I have ever had. Finally I opened my eyes but surprisingly the lights were turned out. He came over to the face side and started doing it from there. He just placed his cock near my face. I searched for his cock and felt a massive bulge in the front of a pair of cotton linen trousers.

I undid the draw string and took his member into my mouth, sucking it greedily. he started to knead my breasts. He raised my head and pushed me back onto the table. He grabbed both of my legs and swung them around his hips. He then penetrated into my meat. Thrusting deeply inside, I started to come but as I did, he pulled out and said in a deep gruff voice "not yet". I moaned and started to whimper. my pussy was aching for a fuck and he was saying "not yet"? but when I asked him why, he pushed his cock back into me rubbed my clit and started drilling me like a whore. He just drilled me deep. Like a horse or a bull and then licked my pussy taking his dick out. after 20m thrusts I came with him. He just pulled it out and loaded off. It was a great massage story of me.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hot Wife Who Loves Double Entry

There are many reasons for me to appreciate my Hot Wife.She is always ready to fulfill my desires even if my boss wants to Share My wife.There is a struggle story behind that.When I was in office,she came to pick me up.There,my boss saw her.The day onward,he started getting closer to me.I was quite surprised by his mercies but It was my luck that he liked my Real Wife.When our friendship went deeper,I invited him to join me and my wife at dinner.
This was the first time when he openly appreciated my Hot Wife.He liked her body and assets and declared me lucky.Frankly speaking,I didn't like that braveness in start but later I thought a lot about those opportunities which my boss had provided me due to her.
So,I started availing those lucks and my boss confessed that he wants some action with her.I didn't agreed at the spot and asked him to give me sometime.I talked about the situation and outcome of this action with her.She laughed and then asked me about my desire.I asked her to decide by saying that I had no obligations if my boss joins us on bed.
I couldn't forget the hours of that day.It was an extreme night of Wife Sex and Wife Sharing.I liked my hot wife entertaining my boss,giving him some nice blows with her tongue.
My boss went quite deeper in her throat while I was screwing her from behind.He was bigger than me and quite hard to do the job perfectly.
She had gone through the entire session quite nicely.At one moment,I started thinking that she might be an expert of threesome action.
My boss fired twice.Once in her mouth and then in her back door.I fired twice.Once in her throat and then in her front cottage.
After that day,She is rated as My Hot Wife.She loves double action now and often asks me to arrange a monthly double entry session.I am thinking of trying some new guys for the said job.Let's c how things work for us in this Wife Sharing Lifestyle.

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Husband Watching Wife Sex Massage

This is my real story. I have read many Wife Massage Stories here so I decided to share my own story. I’m 46 and doing business. My wife is 44 years old, a house wife and we live in our own house with our 5 years daughter. We have a healthy sex life and my wife never complained about my sex style or my tool size and such things. One day when I came back from office my wife complained that she fell down in the bathroom and had a severe back pain.
I took her to a doctor.After examining,the doctor said that there was nothing dangerous and it was only a muscle pull and it will be ok if you give some good massage with Ayurveda oil. While returning home I bought some oil and after dinner and I asked her to come to dining hall for oil massage.She changed her clothes and came wearing a nighty. I applied some oil on her back,lifting the nighty.She did not wear any panties that time. I gave her a casual massage on her back as I was not a professional masseur.The next day I asked her about the pain and she said there is no improvement and the pain is still same.
I advised her to take a massage session from a qualified masseur. She was hesitant as the pain was right in the center of her back to shoulders. For this, she has to remove her garments and she was not willing for that. I searched for some lady in my area but found nothing. Then I was browsing the internet when I got a profile of a masseur. He was already in our city. I was not sure that my traditional wife would agree for that but she has to get rid of pain. I finally advised her to take a massage from a highly qualified male masseur. She refused initially but when I started convincing her she got agreed. I have to motivate her for at least one hour. I said her that we will call the male masseur to our home. Half-heartedly she agreed for that.

Next day the male masseur came to our house and introduced himself as Sunny.He was quite young and never looked like a professional. I was surprised but he convinced me by saying that he had taken massage course. Then he prepared himself for the massage and asked me to ask my wife to get ready. She came after getting our daughter slept. He asked my wife to lie on the dining table as there was no massage table in our home. She was wearing a nighty as per his advice. She asked me to remain in the room while he does the massage.Sunny asked me to place the towel over her back and also to lift the nighty up to the waist.
I lifted her dress and put the towel on her bare back. She was very confused but I encouraged her by saying that; it is mandatory to get rid of pain. He put some oil and started the back massage slowly. First he done it very smoothly and then he applied some pressure. He was doing that all below the towel while I was feeling some movement inside my pants. It was strange feeling. I was enjoying my Hot Wife’s Massage. It was our first time when a stranger was touching my wife. I have never thought of Sharing my Wife with another man.

Sunny was good looking, young and well-built guy.He must be in his early twenties. She moaned due to pain but he continued to massage like that. He encouraged her by saying that it will remove her pain. He lifted the nightly a little up as it was creating a hindrance. My wife has a nice pair of big saggy breasts. Her bra was visible now. I have just forgotten the purpose of massage. My mind was just getting aroused and my hard tool was growing along. While massaging her hips he moved his hands very fast. That forced her panty to slide down from her bums and her ass crack was visible. She was not aware of that.
She closed her eyes tightly due to pain. After a half an hour of massage she got relaxed and her pain started to lower. She was quite happy. He asked her to take bath with hot water. I asked him to come next day for another massage session as my wife was feeling relaxed after the massage. I asked my wife about the massage and she praised his efforts. Her pain was lower than before. We decided to take another session. She said there was some relief in pain after that time.

My wife complained that she had a bit pain in her legs as well. I asked her to get a full body massage so that all her pains could be ok.I could understand her hot feelings that she might have liked the young guy and now she wants some more action. The next day,Sunny came again on the same time. The massage session started and I was sitting there in a chair and watching it.

I told him to provide a full body massage. He was quite happy to hear that. He asked her to remove the nighty and remain in single towel. After giving a pain relieving massage he continued to give a sensual massage to my Hot Wife. Slowly, the towel was lowering and my wife’s bra was visible. It was creating disturbance so I asked him to unhook. My wife didn’t even bother my words. He unhooked her bra and poured some oil and started massaging her bare back. Her big breast was visible sideways and Sunny was watching that in the corner of his eyes and he was wearing a shorts and t shift. I can now clearly see a hard on in his trouser.

He started massaging fast from top to bottom. In the meantime, her panty was half way down and her ass was half naked. Now his grown tent was quite visible in shorts. I was enjoying this all despite being a traditional husband. While massaging from sideways her hands brushed sometimes on Sunny’s shorts and she did not bother to take her hand away. I thought she is also turned on a bit then Sunny told that it is very difficult for him to massage sideways and asked me; shall I go on top of her and massage?

I said ok and my wife did not protest at all. He climbed on the dining table put both legs on either side of her and poured more oil on her hip and below the neck and knelt down on her back. He massaged her fast and the panty fully came down her ass.He now started massaging her ass also. While massaging, his hanging tower was brushing my wife’s body. It was sensational and my wife was also enjoying that.

I also had a hard on seeing this. When he saw her enjoying, he looked into my eyes and upon my confirmation he reduced the distance between his hips and her ass and at one state he sat on her ass. My wife was also enjoying the moment as he was moving very fast. His shorts moved upward and his fat tower was visible halfway down. I was surprised to see that as he was much bigger than me.

Now his bare tool was touching her ass crack during the massage movement. He did not bother and my Hot wife was enjoying with closed eyes.He asked me to bring a pillow so that her butts could be lifted a bit. What a great feeling that was. I have screwed my wife several times by placing a pillow like that but this time it was more than a pleasure.

He placed his tool right next to my wife’s love hole and brushed it on that meat. After that it was un-bearable for me so I got up and went near my wife. I asked her, Honey are you ok with the pain now? She opened her eyes and smiled. Suddenly, my mobile rang and I went outside to take the call. After finishing the call when I saw inside, it was a surprising scene.

My wife saw my absence there and she spread her legs a little to give a good access to her pussy .Now he started fingering her and he put his two fingers insider her ass too.She started moaning loudly and then he got down from the table and asked her to turn round.

She turned around and now his hanging tool was fully visible to her. I was watching all this through window. He took her hand and placed it on his shaft. She searched me for a while and found my absence. She grabbed his tool in her hand and then he slowly came towards her face and kept his tool on her lips. My wife was habitual of performing that mouth-work on my shaft so she didn’t even resist.

After getting a mouth-work for 2-3 minutes he massaged her breasts as well. She was fully prepared for a nice bang session now. He climbed on the table and they were now in 69 position. He started eating her meat. During that moment, I suddenly entered the room and they both stopped at once and he said sorry sir.I smiled and said ok you were unable to control your feelings you can enjoy as you like. I saw happiness on both faces and they continued the 69 position. I thought I can also join in the act so I removed my clothes. I went near them and started fondling my wife breast while she held my tool.

I took Sunny’s tool in my hand after removing it from her lips. I placed my tool in her throat and started sucking Sunny’s tool. My wife was surprised to see me sucking a tool. Then Sunny took my tool out of my wife’s face and started a mouth-work on my shaft. It was amazing. Finally, I asked him to screw her fast. He obeyed and started it in lifting legs style. I was screwing her face during that. It went on for 30 minutes when he came along me.We both fired on my wife’s saggy breasts. We all smiled and I thanked Sunny for providing us a nice pain relieving fun time. It was the best Wife Massage of my life.I paid him the money and he went away.I hope reader have also enjoyed my Wife Massage Stories.

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