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My Hot Wife With My Neighbor

I am 35 years old. My hot wife, a beautiful woman, 29 Years old had not any relationship (sexual) before we were married. Sharing my wife with any other man was never easier task for both of us as she was very much a 'home body'.I have a good job with a bit of intercity travel and we were married for just over 7 years. we are both very much committed to our marriage and have always ignored each other's mistakes. In short, we are both living a friendly life. We express every emotion to each other even when Me looking at sexier ladies, she'd comment in friendly manner.


My Hot Wife With Neighbor 
In last 2 years of our marriage, I was eagerly looking to spice up our married life. I had been reading a lot of such stories on internet and such stuff for the last 2 years. I had been encouraging her to go out a bit, even if I was not around, to build up her confidence and get her to meet some people. She was not a big social but normally knows her boundaries and sticks to them. I asked her to visit nearby couples and have friendship with ladies.

We have a good sexual relationship by any measure and despite ups and downs over the last 7 years have a strong relationship with open communication. However, things were becoming a routine now. If she has to go out, she can be pretty sexier and unaware of her impact on the men around. In few months, she made a good friendship with a wife living next to our house. Her husband was handsome and good looking (about 26 Years Old) and they were newly married. My wife told me about her husband and her eyes were showing some spark when she was talking about him. I asked her to invite them for dinner and she said; I have done it already and they are coming this Saturday.

They visited us and we found them very friendly. Though his wife was not that sexier as compared to my hot wife but she was well mannered and educated kinda lady. I had caught him staring my wife's big boobs while we were taking dinner and I was enjoying the situation. I could easily guess his likes about my wife's busty figure. When they left our house, Me and my wife immediately started talking about them. Jokingly, I told my wife that he was looking at her boobs and I caught him staring many times. My wife joked in reply so things got very funny during the talk. Meanwhile, I joked her that he might be thinking to go in bed with you and she shown a naughty kind of anger to this. but I knew, she had some soft corner for him, as her behavior's shown.

In the end, I jokingly said; if she wants some fun with him, I have no issues. She said; Really! Are you serious? Yes, I said. After that I went to sleep while she was still thinking. I could notice her feeling by that time. 

In next 5-6 days, She went to them 2-3 times and I could guess that she had started to develop some friendship with her friend's husband. On next week, I had to visit the other city for 3 days so I asked my wife to do something if she can during my visit. She was still in a joking mood and said; No , no I will not go to that extent. I said; Oh common baby, just try this once but you must tell me everything and if possible , do record that session. She smiled and remained quite.

I went to the business tour and the next evening I received a text from my wife that he's coming tomorrow in day time. Tell me seriously, If you don't mind this? Yes baby, do it, I replied to her. OK; she responded.

Anyhow, He came to our house when my wife was alone and kids were gone to the Montessori. He arrived at about 10am and she brought him straight into our bedroom. Soon, after entering into the bedroom he grabbed her, smooched her and started kissing her like a hungry bull. He didn't want to waste time so he quickly undressed my wife till she was in her 40 sized bra. He french kissed her for quite a long while grabbing her left boob. Then he removed his own dressing and soon he placed his cock on my wife's head, indirectly asking her to suck his throbbing dick. 

I must admit here that he was better than me. His size was better than mine and my wife like it whole heatedly. She grabbed his cock, licked his balls for a while and stroked him. She licked his pre-cum and then started sucking him like his own wife. When I watched the video, for a moment I forgot that she was my wife. I felt her like his real wife. She was doing everything so passionately that I got a little jealous for a while. She sucked him for about 30 minutes , vigorously and passionately till she took his entire dick in her throat. she licked his balls like a sweet lollypop. Omg, I was never expecting my wife to go that wild recently.

After a very long sucking session, she made him lying onto the bed. My hot wife was behaving like a dominant slut. She came over him and sat on his dick, taking it fully in her fleshy pussy and started jumping onto his erect dick. She was taking it all the way in. She took this ride for about 10 minutes and then went doggy. He got up and licked her fucked pussy for a minute. Then he pushed his dick right inside her. He started fucking her like a horse fucking his mare. 

This time, he was never polite. he fucked her brutally like a horse. He was drilling her like he was pounding a paid slut. He use her nicely and meanwhile he fucked her ass too. It was awesome as he fucked her ass nicely. then he pulled it out right when he was cumming. He sprayed all his white cum on her big ass. She kept on shaking her ass when he was unloading his gun. After the first fuck, they talked for a while and then he started licking her boobs again. He prepared her again and then pulled her legs up his shoulders. He pushed his manhood again inside and started pounding her. He was more vigorous this time. 

He pumped her nicely before she could get another orgasm. Then, he lifted my wife and started giving her a standing fuck. After a good standing fuck, he took her to the iron stand and placed her onto that stand. He was standing in-front of her and licking her big boobs while fucking her pussy. The second cum time was very longer. He fucked her till she was tired but he has no signs of cumming. Meanwhile my hot wife asked him to stop but he didn't. She was feeling a bit tired after brutal fucking as I have never done it in this style. I used to fuck her slowly and passionately.

Anyhow, he fucked my hot wife for another 10 minutes before he came on her belly. He throbbed his cock onto her clit and then stepped back. my wife was sitting on the iron stand with closed eyes , taking a rest along the wall. Later he got up, dressed himself and it was about 1245 pm when he left our house after the fucking session of more than 2 hours.

My wife was a bit upset after this sharing session. She was nervous when I came back as it was her first ever sex meeting with a male other than me. I made her happy , setteling her guilt and I told her that it's never wrong as she was permitted by me. Soon, my wife was happier and then I watched the video in her mobile phone that she recorded. I have written all the story after watching the video. I loved it watching my hot wife with another man. Then, I allowed my wife to have sex anytime with him but don't tell him that I knew the activity. Now a days, He fucks my wife for 2-3 times a month and we had made a good collection of videos now. He meets me like a good friend and he still thinks that he fucks my wife without my will. Now I'm Sharing my wife regularly with him.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Finally Sharing My Wife With Another Man

Finally, I shared my wife. This is my true story of sharing my wife with another man. First, let me tell you a little background of this. I had shown my interests in wife sharing to her before, whenever we were having sex, we talked about another man drilling her. I have shown a great interest about my desire to share her. Initially, she wasn't responsive to it but slowly She seemed interested. After 3-4 months of continuous efforts she said that it wasn't something that she could do on her own. She said that maybe if it were a surprise she would like it. Well, that definitely got me thinking. If she wanted a surprise then a surprise it would be. So I thought about a plan to set her up for a very memorable first time wife sharing experience.


I reserved a hotel room for the night. We are in the way and talking about the fun ahead of us for the night. I told her that I had a very special evening planned for her that I was sure that she would enjoy. She was excited and ready to see what I had in store. We reached the hotel and soon we were moving to the sex bed.

The door opened and we walked to our room for the night. I lifted her up and carried her into the room and gently placed her onto the bed.

Soon, the waiter came in with cold drinking water. After she finished her water I helped her move up on the bed and get more comfortable. I asked her if she was ready for some fun before we went outside. She replied that she was indeed ready. I suggested that she get on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees, which she gladly did. I told her not to peek and that I would be right back. At that time I went to open the door. When I got back to the bed I pulled her dress up over her back to exposed her bare ass and shaved pussy. It really was quite a site to see. I asked if she was ready and she wiggled her ass in response.

That is when he walked into the room. He slowly walked up behind her, being careful to stay directly behind her so that he would not be seen. Once he was behind her he bent forward and kissed her ass and the back of her thighs. Upon feeling the contact she shuttered and spread her legs slightly giving him access to her sweet shaved pussy. After a couple long licks he stood up behind her and removed his pants. 

Now , I had to tell you about him. He was a guy who thrown his ad on a dating site. I had made a conversation with him and I had seen plenty of his pics nude. I really liked his dick. He had a big one, Just an ideal cock that every wife sharing lover would want for his sweet wife. He was handsome, tall built and about 28Y old guy from the same city. The best thing about him was that he never pretended to be a pussy hungry guy. He was educated, well mannered and decent in his approach towards couples. We became online friends in a short time. I had made everything final with him in past one week about this wife sharing session but my hot and horny wife was not aware of that. So, he was about to bang my hot wife on my wish. 

Now coming to the scene in the hotel room, He licked and tongue fucked my wife's shaven pussy. she had a wild, shivering orgasm when he was licking her. Meanwhile she grabbed his monsters and stroked it. It went on for about 15-20 minutes till he got an immense erection. Next he grabbed his huge throbbing cock and placed the tip at the entrance to her smooth wet pussy. Upon feeling it touching her lips she began to rotate her hips grinding her shaved lips on his cock. Ever so slowly his began to rub the head up and down her pussy lips, teasing her.

I could tell this was having the desired effect on her. The next time the alignment was right she thrust her hips back toward the cock at the vaginal opening. Her pussy was so wet that it had lubed his big cock while they were rubbing together the head popped right in with little resistance causing her to cry out with surprise when she felt herself quickly stretched by the large cock that was practically inside her. After pausing for a minute to become accustomed to the girth she began to back farther onto that cock. I asked he if it felt good and she just began to moan and they picked up the tempo and began to thrust towards one another. That is when she began screaming out as she began to have her first orgasm. As she was cumming he sunk his cock into her until he hit bottom and held it there while she continued to orgasm on his big cock. 

My wife was doing all with closed eyes. Imagine, she had not seen him yet. He was not finished yet, and After her orgasm subsided I asked her if she was ready to roll over and see the owner of the cock that she had just cum all over and she said she was definitely ready. He moved in between her legs and slipped that big cock back into her tight pussy and thrust to the hilt in one smooth motion. He leaned forward and took each nipple one by one into his mouth in turn and then moved up and started kissing her neck while he began sliding in and out of her again. That is when I told her to open her eyes and look at him for the first time. She began to moan instantly when she looked down and saw that Big Cock pounding into her white pussy.

Just as she began to moan and scream he thrust all the way into her until his full balls were smashed against her ass and started to pump stream after stream of his hot thick cum deep inside her white pussy. After they had both finished cumming together he rested onto her boobs for a while. 

I had a full erection at that time and I couldn't wait more now. So, I lifted her legs up and plunged my comparatively smaller cock into her cum filled pussy. Believe me, she was so hot inside that I couldn't last longer than a few strokes. It was the shortest fuck time I had ever spent with her and I was cumming within 1 minutes. I came wild and all of my balls were empty inside her. I felt it so hot that I guessed my whole cum stock has been out now.

She was exhausted with this vigorous fucking by two of us. Truly speaking, it was him to make her tiring with his big dick. After a 4-5 minutes gap, he came back from washroom and looked at me. Probably , he was asking if we needed another fuck? I nodded my head and told him with fingers to give her another cum-feed. He came towards my wife who was still lying with closed eyes and cum-filled pussy. He cleaned her pussy with a tissue, and then started rubbing his cock against her ass hole. He was fondling her boobs and licking her neck and she was moaning in style.

I saw him rubbing his dick on her ass hole and what I could guess at that time was, He was looking at me and asking for a permission to enter her ass hole. I got up and smiled, Picked up a lotion bottle and handed over to him. This was probably more fire setup to watch your wife getting ass fucked by a stranger. Though, I have fucked my wife's ass a couple of times but the size of his dick might trouble her. 

He nicely lubricated her ass-hole and then inserted his fingers in her ass. First he pushed in one finger, and after a few moments he inserted two fingers to make her ass hole accustomed to his size. Then he put in three fingers and now she seemed in a bit of bother. She asked him to please do it slowly. He gently finger-fucked my wife's ass before pushing his fat dick inside her.He placed his cock tip on her ass hole and with a little effort now his tip was in. she moaned and screamed in pain but he stopped there, keeping his tip inside her ass, while caressing her boobs. Then he rubbed her pussy gently while rubbing her boobs with the other hand and slowly pushing forward. Almost half of his dick has been dis-appeared in her ass hole. He slowly started taking rhythm. And after about 1-2 minutes of fucking, my wife has been straight into heaven. Ass fuck was proving hotter than before. He drilled her ass and at final minutes , he pounded her like a slut. He ass fucked her for about 10-15 minutes and then they both got orgasm.

After finishing this wife sharing session, He thanked both of us. We thanked him for giving us such a nice time and we praised his dick size. He was obliged to hear that and said; I hope for the next meeting sooner. I said; sure, why not. After his departure, I asked my wife if it was good enough? and she smiled and took a long breath saying; It was delightful. I smiled and looked at her saying; We will do it every month with him once. This was all about my wife sharing experience.

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Satisfying A Hot Wife

After a few years of marriage,I was feeling my failure to satisfy my Hot Wife.I tried to work it out as I loved my beautiful wife. My own tool never helped me for more than a 2-3 minutes sex session.My Hot Wife had not expressed any feelings but I could understand her sexual requirements.We were in a very good home atmosphere,happy in everything except this issue of my life.She was reluctant and always hiding her feelings of not getting satisfaction.I thought a lot and then discussed the matter with her in a friendly manner.I had given her an option of enjoying with any other guy at home.She denied at first but then after watching my sincerity she took her time for thinking.A few days later,My wife sharing lifestyle had been started with a mutual agreement.

The fact is that once a man is interested in this form of a fetish it is hard to stop him from thinking about it and wanting to act on it!I have helped my wife to come up with solutions and find a way deal with agreement.

What I will advise my male friends who are into the whole fantasy of wife sharing is that they need to tell their wives slowly and see what her reaction is.Some women are more open to the idea of sharing than others and unless it is approached in the right manner one will never know.If all else fails then call a sex counselor and do individual counseling and couples counseling.

The point of the article and what I tell my male friends is that most wives if married for a time are not going to be willing to partake in the Wife sharing lifestyle,some women may be more open to it than others,but the majority will not.Husbands must take her into account about having a man waiting in the room for his wife as a surprise…the answer is "no" not a good idea.

Wife swap or wife sharing as well depends on the scope of the sex session.Some men  may even like to be tied to a chair and forced to watch,and not allowed to touch themselves while the scenario is being played out in front of them.A wife may also spank her husband as a form of deeper humiliation and domination.My scene was a bit different as I like to participate like this.

involving another man in the marriage that the husband wants his wife to have sex with in front of him can be a difficult choice as well.The husband derives much satisfaction from watching his wife have in intercourse with another man who typically will have a larger than average size penis. 
When I started thinking on a point of wife sharing lifestyle,The husband is usually the one who wants to get the Hot wife involved but he does not know how to go about telling her.
If you have certain difficulties in providing a sexual satisfaction to your Hot wife,I would advice you to discuss it openly with her.Calling a suitable guy at home in privacy would always make your life more easier.Stranger guy with wife must be a better choice.I had arranged a wife massage session for my hot wife as well where masseur can also try my wife.I would share wife massage stories later.I hope you have enjoyed these pics of wife sharing.

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Latest Wife Sharing Hot Photos

This is an awesome collection of wife sharing pics. These hot photos will surely delight swingers. Wife sharing is such a hot thing that everyone wants this once tried. A really cool collection of Hot Wife Photos and threesome action in style for Wife Lovers.Wife swapping is a fun if both partners do it with manners and rules.Off-course,sex needs wild action without rules but we are talking about rules between husband and wife,not during sex.Almost 99% of Wife sharing husbands would want to see their wife getting banged in-front of them.The only issue is to run the marriage successfully as well.If you are a good bisexual couple,you can enjoy the wife sharing or wife swapping lifestyle in an amazing way.



How do you feel as a husband?If you love this hot lifestyle,you would like it surely.looking great when your hot lady gets two at a time inside.




we hope for your enjoyment at best.these Hot Photos will surely raise your tools while thinking about your own wife and sharing her with some one else.share your comments about hot wife sharing.

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