Monday, February 29, 2016

Sharing My Hot Wife first time

The last few months created a certain thought in my mind about my Hot wife.I have just started to think for wife sharing and watching my wife being banged by some other guy.First I thought for a sensual wife massage by some good looking guy but then I just made up my plan to share my wife with some stranger without massage.I discussed this with my wife right at the time of sex when I was just screwing her.All the devil senses of My wife were awake at that time so she liked the idea.In normal hours of the day,My wife seemed to be reacting a different way in this regard and not willing to get a bang session by some other guy in-front of me.So I have to work hard for months to make up her mind into wife sharing life style and she finally agreed.



This brought a nice change in our sexual life later on and my wife seemed to be more than happy.These wife massage stories changed our entire life after our first wife sharing encounter with a stranger.I could not take a risk of letting my Hot wife below some friend so I preferred stranger to bang her deep.



Another idea came into my mind that I should keep the eyes of my wife closed.I wrapped her face with a cloth leaving her mouth open so that she can not see her fucker.I sat behind her and she nicely sucked the guy for at least one hour like a lollypop.Then we both made her a sandwich between us and the guy was screwing her ass while i was screwing her front part.Believe me,this brought intense orgasms to us and we both always loved to do it again and again.I hope that you also like My hot wife stories.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Real Hot Wife Swapping Sex Story

This is our first Wife swapping story. I am 35 years old and my wife Rida is 32 years.I am working as engineer in a company and My Wife is a housewife.My wife has got good features and a sexy appeal.She is 5.3 height, 36 boobs, 30 waist,and 40 buttocks sizes.A long flowing hair,which touches her buttocks,boobs which attract men at the first sight and lovely buttocks.After 10 years into our marriage,sex started to get routine type, by then we had been fucking around for 10 years and had done it a well.Somehow we started to get annoyed with our sex life .I had been talking to my wife about swapping of partners for change of taste and adding spices to our married life.Actually,I was looking to enjoy some fresh holes of ladies by just sharing my used hole.She was a bit hesitant at first but she really loved sex,and had experienced her first sex with me.But for the last few months we were feeling dullness in our sexual life.We were both worried & thinking what to do.
I have a friend who is in the Lahore,working also as an engineer.He is also married and has got a kid.His name is Kamal and his wife is Saima.Saima has a nice built and she is very fair complexioned,a very attractive Sexy Wife. He is 5’-7” and his wife is 5’- 4”and 38”-30”-40” sizes.My friend and myself were very close right from engineering college days.We had fucked girls in our college days and enjoyed a lot together.Once I told my problem to Kamal by phone.Kamal instantly told me about the same problem he and his wife were facing when he heard about my complications.So he proposed a way to spice up things by having a soft swap.If we enjoyed that,it can be a full swap.It was a possible swinging relationship with us.I told this to my wife and after giving a thought we decided to experiment.
After one month,my friend visited Islamabad with his wife to attend a relative marriage party.They stayed there for three days.He called me and asked me if it would be possible to have some fun of soft wife sharing?My devil mind started to think about wife swapping now what we have decided earlier by phone.I gave him green signal and invited Kamal and Saima to visit our house for a Dinner in that evening.So we prepared ourselves for the evening well.As the vacations were on,our son was at in his grandparent’s home.It was golden chance for us.I was wearing white shirt with black trousers that gave me a gentleman look.Rida was wearing tight pink coloured deep neck,which made her look like a modern sexy woman.In the evening Kamal and Saima came and we welcomed them warm heartily. Saima was looking stunning in her blue saree and matching blouse.Her thick lips listened with moisture and looked expectantly at me.My Hot wife could not resist herself to admire the macho looks of my friend Kamal.Soon we became comfortable,as we had met many times earlier.Rida along with Saima went to kitchen room and brought some snacks and coffee for us.Soon we started chatting and the subject moved on to adult things.Both Kamal and Saima were very broad minded and therefore,they had no qualms in having an intimate chat with us.We discussed a lot of things especially about our sex life.I was giving a hug to my wife said “I love her so much and I got ready for this as I want her to see happy”.Saima was more talkative of all four.She said that she too felt excited over the idea of swapping.Ladies soon became tipsy and they started behaving loose.
To end the deadlock Kamal moved near my wife.Now she was in between Kamal and me.Kamal slowly started caressing her legs.She felt happy and smiled seductively at him.Giving a kiss to Rida I went near Saima.We were hugging each other tight,started kissing passionately like a long lost lover.The pressing of two bodies made the atmosphere horny.Now Rida sat in Kamal's lap and gave him a kiss of his life.Her pink deep necked slightly gave him the hint of her two 36inches sizes wonderful globes.He started kissing and pressing her breasts.

Leaving Rida and Kamal there in drawing room I took Saima to the master bedroom and we horridly started undressing each other.Saima smilingly asked me,"You like me?" “Oh simply sexy,my god you are really a sex goddess Saima",I replied.she was in her red bra and red underwear.Her boobs spilled out of her bra.I licked her face –forehead,nose and cheek drew a line with his tongue on her left boob,after unzipping her bra.I kissed her neck even as she strove valiantly to grasp my tool in her left hand Saima said nothing while rubbing her pussy over red panty.“Will you please eat my my meat Zeeshan",Saima asked.“My pleasure dear",was my reply and I was stripping her panty planted a hot kiss on her snatch.I slowly moved my tongue on her belly and then parting her legs moved it in her pussy.It was oozing with love juices of her.Like a hungry dog I was busy in tasting the cunt juices,as it was my favorite thing to do in sex always.“Wow,do it man,wonderful,please suck it fast,you are darling,please suck it dry Zeeshan",was Saima's reaction.

We were busy in licking action when Kamal and Rida entered our room.It was the best scene of my Hot Wife ever.Kamal was bringing her into our bedroom like a doggy pulling a cart.He was deep inside her and bringing her into our room by just hitting her deep.They enetered and Kamal said,We wanted to do it with you.I smiled and looked at my wife's face.She was in heaven.Kamal has about 7” long tool.He pulled it out and my wife started to suck it like a whore.He was moaning with pleasure.She was like a tigress in sex.She kissed and sucked his balls even as she massaged his full shaft.This action of Wife Massage made me more wild.It was in full temper.Rida was master of this act.She artistically sucking the dick and was enjoying it immensely.I can't hold long,You are driving me crazy, suck it baby,succccck hard,I’m about to come",Kamal said."hey don't spell the juice out on my body,I want every drop in my mouth",was Rida’s reaction to this.Again she made her busy in driving him more crazy and sucking the cock.“Yes here I am,I’m cuming,I’m cummmminggggg",Kamal nearly screamed.“Uuuummmmm.All the hot load of come was inside my wife's felt good,your hot load is really very tasty dear",my wife said,"now come on and lick my pussy”,she demanded.Like an honest servant Kamal came near Rida’s fuck hole.

Hearing their sexy conversation,I did the same with Saima.Now the scene in the room was looking more like a porno set.Four naked bodies were busy enjoying sex to the full.The room was filled with the smell of cunt juices and sperm.My wife Rida took Kamal's cock in her hand and guiding it into her pussy said,“now Kamal fuck your friend’s wife like a whore,don't care for your bitch wife"."You too are a bitch Rida,you are fucking by my husband in presence of your husband who is fucking me ",was reaction of Saima."Oh god it feel soooo goood ,come on fuck me hard,oh goood ,fuuuuck me ,fuccccccck hard" "do it baby,do it haaardd,ooooooooooooooo fuckkkkk,fuck me hard..."Reeta was moaning with pleasure.

“Look at this fucking whore;she is crying like a real call girl "Kamal said to me while puming hard his rod in cunt of my wife.“Yes I’m a bitch,I’m your whore,now don't talk just fuck me hard.”Rida said.The room was filled with dirty comments and reactions with sound full of pumping and groaning and screaming,oh dear Kamal,cum in my cunt, make it satisfied,I have not enjoyed sex like this since long",my wife told.After 10-15 minutes of hard fucking Kamal came in the cunt of my wife.Both they seemed satisfied to the core.Kamal’s wife Saima was getting up came near Rida and lowering her head on her pussy tasted the mixture of her husband's cum and my wife’s cunt juices."Ummm its wonderful to taste after fuck drinks" Saima said taking her hubby's cock in her mouth and again tasted the same sweet taste.In fact we must thank you for giving us the pleasure of having a taste of new wonderful cocks" and saying this Saima again started licking my cock. “Saima drink it,I am about to cuuuuuuuuummmm",I roared. “Drink it baby,drink that all from my hubby's cock",my wife said and lowered my friend Kamal’s head on her pussy. She was lying on sofa near me.We winked at each other and smiled.The cum was flowing down from Saima's mouth.She was getting up gave a kiss to her husband and a taste of my juices.

After our first fucking we took some rest and one by one entered bathroom and become fresh.We put on our dress and discussed about our this first swapping experiences It was about 9p.m.So we all agreed to take dinner.After Dinner we planned to have a two tools inside one wife session.First we tried it with Rida and then the same with Saima.Then Kamal did a strange thing,He took out his tool from Saima's pussy and asked me to insert.I did the same and Kamal placed his tool over my lips.Strange;Well I started sucking his tool while screwing his wife.It was awesome.I was sucking his tool fo the first time in my life.My Hot Wife Rida liked this very much.Then we did the same with Rida.Kamal was screwing her while he was sucking my tool.Believe me,I felt myself in heaven,getting sucked while watching my wife screwed by the same man.soon we fried our hot juices on our wives.It was the best night of our married life.My wife seemed to be more relaxed than ever.It was the best Wife Sharing session for us.Wife swapping seemed a real fun.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Friend Having Sex With My Wife

My Wife Nadia and I have been married for 6 years. we have enjoyed amazing sex. This story is about sharing my hot wife with someone. Neither of us expected this as we have a strong religious background. As we explored our inner most desires and fantasies, I realized that I wanted to share my gorgeous wife. Nadia is 5' 5" tall, 36 years old with long beautiful legs and very big pair of boobs. As Nadia became more adventurous in the bedroom, I started to push her to do things that make some women uncomfortable. I started out with trying to have nude photographs of her. This caused quite a strong response from Nadia. She was visibly upset the first time I took a nude shot of her in the shower. She refused photos for a very long time. I did not discuss with her my fantasy of her being with someone else. My fantasies did not go away and I realized I would need to be patient. My reward came quicker than I had anticipated.


Recently, I was contacted by an old high school friend, Zeeshan, through Facebook. He wanted to renew our friendship so we agreed to meet the next time I was in our old home town. Zeeshan is a successful business man and still young looking despite being a year older than I am at 43. Zeeshan and I met and started chatting about old times in high school and catching up. I found out that Zeeshan was recently divorced and he intimated that he had been very hurt and had not fucked in 2 years but really missed having sex. I told him that I would keep my eyes peeled for women that I knew or encountered in business. I then invited Zeeshan to come to our home that is located about 25 miles of our home town where Zeeshan currently resided. He agreed to come down for dinner, whereby, I suggested he spend the night as we had a spare room. Zeeshan asked if he could bring something, like a bottle of wine. I told Zeeshan Nadia nor I drank, but he was welcome to bring something for himself. He laughed and thought dessert might be better. We left the date up in the air until we both could check our schedules and I could talk with Nadia. At no time did we discuss sex except for Zeeshan's celibate lifestyle due to his divorce.

However, I thought about Zeeshan and his plight on the way home and I decided that I wished I could help Zeeshan by allowing him to fuck my wife. It would kill two birds with one stone, the fulfillment of my fantasy and build up Zeeshan a little. There were two problems with this plan. First, my wife was not receptive to anything even remotely this wild and second, she did not drink lowering her inhibitions. I laughed at loud at the ludicrous thought that ran through my mind, dismissing them as pure fantasy. I also did not know how Zeeshan would respond to the idea. I did notice, however, the bulging hard on in my pants as I fantasized about the idea.

Nadia and I had begun to experiment with role playing and I had created a character named Sunny, Nadia's personal, attractive, muscle bound masseuse. The rules were that Nadia had to call me Sunny during our encounter and sex. It drove both of us wild. Nadia would become very wet and have multiple orgasms as she cried out Sunny's name.

About a month later, Zeeshan contacted me with a Saturday night that he would like to come down to my house. He was anxious to meet Nadia. I had discussed my meeting with Zeeshan with my wife Nadia and she was very excited to meet one of my old school chums. I showed her his picture on Facebook and she remarked how handsome he is in the picture. I told her the picture was accurate and teased her about being attracted to him. She told me that she found other men attractive but that I was the only man for her. I told her I wanted to make love to her right there and then. I then asked her to use another name. Nadia asked coyly, "You mean Sunny?" I told her, "No, Would you use Zeeshan's name?" She started to shake her head no; then, she looked deep into my eyes and said, "Ok, if that is what you want?" I told her it turned me on and it would remain our secret. I then took her into the bedroom where we made wild love as she moaned Zeeshan's name several times as she came. As we lay in each other's arms, she asked me sleepily, "This must remain between us and only in our bedroom!" I eagerly agreed. I was feeling very satisfied that a major hurdle had been overcome.

Zeeshan arrived on the next Saturday and as I welcomed him into our home, I noticed that Nadia was sweeping his body with her eyes, trying not to be too conspicuous. We soon fell into casual banter with Nadia asking lots of questions about my teenage years, sometimes feigning surprise as Zeeshan would jokingly tell about my awkward dating and partying exploits. Zeeshan and Nadia were becoming very comfortable around each other. Zeeshan engaged Nadia about work as he was an insurance manager and Nadia worked with a large insurance firm. The both began to relate stories as we sat down to dinner and a feeling of close friendship had enveloped the three of us.

After dinner, Zeeshan and I helped Nadia cleanup the dishes and put everything away. Zeeshan remarked, with a wink towards me, how he thought Nadia was very attractive. Nadia began to blush a bright red and then thanked him. She paused for a minute and then told Zeeshan that he was very attractive and she didn't understand why he wasn't dating. Zeeshan explained that he had been hurt during his divorce and that women had not been on his mind. Zeeshan then pushed a little further by saying that he had begun thinking about it in the last hour after seeing her with me. Nadia reached for my hand and told him how she was to have me and told him how happy we have been since being married. She asked Zeeshan what the issue was that led his wife wanting a divorce; after all, Zeeshan was clearly an attractive man and a good provider. I could only stare at my wife in utter surprise as she had commented on Zeeshan's looks for the second time in just a few sentences. 

Zeeshan explained that he and his wife were sexually incompatible with his wife being very conservative in the bedroom leaving Zeeshan unfulfilled and longing for more. Zeeshan confided that, while had thought about an affair, he had loved his wife too much.I saw Nadia feeling great compassion for Zeeshan as she reached out and told that the woman was a fool and she could tell that Zeeshan was a good man. Zeeshan asked me if he could hug his bhabhi(my wife) and I said of course. Zeeshan swept Nadia into his arms and hugged her tightly. I noticed that Nadia responded to him and allowed herself to be held tightly. The attraction between the two of them was obvious.

When we had sat down again, Zeeshan asked Nadia how we kept our lives active and exciting. I expected my wife to quickly change the subject, but she answered with very concise answers about being adventurous, trusting, discreet and above all playful. Then my wife surprised me with telling Zeeshan about our role playing with the mystical Sunny. As she related to him the story of how Sunny came to be a character by telling him that she enjoyed a good massage and it was hard to get me to do it, Nadia winked at me and told Zeeshan, "But after Sunny, getting a good massage was a piece of cake!". Zeeshan and I both laughed. Zeeshan then asked, "What kind of prep do you do for Sunny?" Nadia replied that she took a hot bath to relax her. She then intimated to Zeeshan that while she bathed, she thought about the massage that Sunny would give her and what would happen after the massage.

Nadia told him it got her excited. It was great and she had relaxed enough to try things she had never done before. Zeeshan asked her, "like what?" Nadia explained that we would try different positions and lots of orals. Zeeshan became very delighted and started talking fast asking Nadia about the oral sex. Now I became concerned that Nadia would become offended. But she became almost motherly, patiently, without vulgarity explaining that she liked me to go down on her, however, at the right moment, she would position me against a wall so that she could pleasure herself with my penis. I was shocked! After all the lectures I had received about our private sex life never leaving our bedroom, my beautiful wife was relating to a man she had met just hours before what caused her to cum. I was becoming very aroused. As I looked at Zeeshan, I noticed he was beginning to shift positions in his seat often. 

Zeeshan continued to press Nadia by asking her if Sunny was naked when he massaged her, she replied, "Yeah, what would the fun be if he wasn't!" Nadia winked slyly at me. I knew that we were entering uncharted waters and I wondered to myself if it would last or would my wife leave the room in a huff, ruining the evening. Since she still seemed comfortable, I decided to go for broke. 

Nadia was wearing a black dress (Tights) and white short sleeved shirt. Her outfit was very conservative, but at the moment, I thought it was extremely sexy. Nadia always wore a bra and today was no different. Nadia was very shy about her breasts being too big; however, I had given her many complements on her breasts and had told her how sexy they were as they were very lovely and not saggy at all. 

I told Nadia we should move into the family room and put on some movie. Nadia and Zeeshan thought that was a great idea. I put on some romantic movie. Luckily we found a sex movie and she played it. Nadia looked at me and asked if I was ok. I said I am absolutely fine with it as long as Zeeshan is ok. Zeeshan then turned to Nadia and said, "Are you comfortable with this? And Nadia replied, "As long as my husband is ok with it, it's fine". Nadia allowed herself to be taken into Zeeshan. I noticed that Nadia pulled herself in close to Zeeshan. As they turned, Nadia looked at me for approval. I nodded in approval and I motioned for Zeeshan to pull her tight. I could see the bulge in Zeeshan's pants now and I knew that Nadia could feel it as they were very close with their hips beginning to touch together.

I saw my wife close her eyes and lay her head on Zeeshan shoulder. Zeeshan looked quickly over at me for approval. I gave him thumbs up with a wink. He was visibly relaxed. After a few minutes, I quietly moved up behind Nadia and began to tease by holding Nadia from the back. Nadia pushed her ass up against my crotch confirming my huge hard on. I pressed her hips back up against Zeeshan and held her tight. This was the moment of truth.

Nadia started to resist and pull away from Zeeshan, but whispered in her that everything was ok and we were just friends. Nadia relaxed and resumed with both of us. I then spun Nadia around and kissed her very passionately on her lips, pushing my tongue into her. To my surprise, Nadia responded eagerly, grinding her hips against my very hard cock.

I let the kiss go on for what seemed like minutes and then I began to move my hands up Nadia's back and unclipped her bra. She quickly stepped back away from me and looked into my eyes searching for me stop, but I didn't want to. I swept her into my arms again, kissing her passionately all the while moving my hands under shirt and caressing her breast. Nadia moaned softly, seeming to forget Zeeshan was standing directly behind her.

When Nadia felt Zeeshan at her back, she allowed him to encircle her with his arms. Nadia's breathing was very fast. I then moved Zeeshan's hands down to Nadia's hips where Zeeshan guided her ass back into his own throbbing cock. Again Nadia moaned softly as she shut her eyes and swayed, obviously enjoying our attention. I then moved Zeeshan's hands forward, slightly underneath Nadia's shirt. I watched for a negative reaction from Nadia, but she kept her eyes shut and continued to move. Y breathing began to come rapidly now as looked into Zeeshan's eyes and gently moved his hands up Nadia's shirt to come into contact with her tits. Nadia's nipples were hard as a rock by now and as Zeeshan's hands came into contact with the bottom of her breast she move his hands to cup her breasts. Nadia began to moan louder as Zeeshan caressed her breasts gently. I took my own hands and began to spin Nadia around to face Zeeshan when she stopped, looked at me and whispered' "Are you sure??" I nodded my head in approval and she turned and began to kiss Zeeshan. The kisses began lightly on the lips and quickly became powerful, passionate kisses.

I slowly lifted up Nadia's skirt and slowly began to pull her panties down. I pulled them to where they could continue their kissing, but I could start to massage Nadia's pussy. Nadia spread her legs slightly for me to have access to her pussy. Her pussy was extremely wet. I began to massage her clit and Nadia began to moan in her kisses with Zeeshan. I pulled out my hand, undid my pants and let them slide to the floor. I began to rub my cock against her inner thighs. I then slipped Nadia's pants and her panties down as she stepped out of them. Nadia could feel my pre-cum on the head of my cock as the juices got rubbed on her legs.

I gently pulled her from Zeeshan's embrace as he began to unbutton her shirt as I removed it and her bra exposing her beautiful breasts. Zeeshan kissed Nadia's neck and slowly moved down to take each breast into his mouth. My wife's eyes remained shut as she breathed hard, moaning softly as he rolled nipples in his mouth. I turned Nadia around towards me. Nadia began to drop to the floor. I stopped her, kissing her passionately instead. I motioned for Zeeshan to drop his pants. As he stepped out of them, I could see his big, throbbing cock. It was already dripping in anticipation. I rubbed my cock near Nadia's clit and the motioned for Zeeshan to join us. He at first stepped to Nadia's back, but Nadia slowly turned to see Zeeshan's cock. She smiled and reached out and began to caress his cock while still facing me. 

I then brought Zeeshan closer to our embrace and stepped allowing Zeeshan to fill my spot. Nadia reached up and kissed Zeeshan as she stroked his cock. I though Zeeshan was going to lose his load right there. Nadia slowly bent down and took Zeeshan's cock into her mouth, all the while stroking my cock with her hand. My wife began to suck Zeeshan's cock vigorously and I knew at that moment I would cum quickly. To prevent that, I lifted Nadia up, still facing Zeeshan and they began to kiss again. I then maneuvered them to the nearest wall where my wife, knowing what I was doing, moved willingly, smiling at me between kisses. Nadia placed Zeeshan up against the wall and began to use Zeeshan's cock to pleasure herself. She slowly placed the head of Zeeshan's cock against her clit and began to circle her clit with the head of his penis. Her breathing came much faster now as Nadia began to build to climax. This was her favorite position. I knew she would come and my fantasy was coming true. I positioned myself behind Nadia, as I knew she would almost collapse from the power of her orgasm. As Nadia began to moan and her arch her back in orgasm, I caught her from hitting the floor. I could see Zeeshan was ready to come too, as he was surprised at the intensity of Nadia's orgasm.

I guided Nadia to the couch and positioned her so that Zeeshan could easily penetrate her. I felt uneasy for the first time since the night began, but I quickly dismissed those thoughts as I was so excited by the moment. Zeeshan positioned himself between Nadia's legs and kissed her. As Nadia kissed him back, she reached down with her hand and guided his penis into her. Zeeshan moved slowly at first, but Nadia urged him on crying, "Fill me up Zeeshan! Fill me full of your juice!" She reached behind him grabbing his ass cheeks to pull him farther inside of her pussy. It didn't take long before climaxed. He moaned aloud as he released his full load into her. Nadia urged him to release it all. Zeeshan collapsed with exhaustion, lying on Nadia but careful not to crush her. Nadia stroked his hair and kissed him. Nadia then motioned for me to join her. Zeeshan got up as Nadia brought me by the hand to Zeeshan's former position between her legs and guided me in. As I began to rhythmically move inside her, she whispered in my ear asking me if everything was ok. I quickly ejaculated and told her that I had never loved her more than at that moment.

All three of us sat quietly for about ten minutes before Zeeshan found his underwear and began to dress. He asked Nadia if he was still invited to stay overnight. She said, "Of course. Don't be silly!" She then asked if Zeeshan wouldn't mind giving us some privacy. Zeeshan nodded and went to the guest room. Nadia watched Zeeshan leave, turned to me and said, "Are we going to be alright?" I then told her, "I am ok. I am worried about you." She replied she was fine, but she didn't want this to to hurt our marriage. I assured her it wouldn't, I thought it would strengthen it as I completely trusted her. She asked that this should not happen again, or at least not very often. I agreed. She then asked if Zeeshan was going to be discreet about this. I told her that I trusted Zeeshan, but maybe we should have a talk with him. I helped her off the couch.

This wife sharing session was so hot. As she dressed, I went to the guest room and asked if Zeeshan wouldn't mind us coming in to talk. He looked concerned and very embarrassed. I assured him everything was alright. Nadia came in the room and walked over and kissed him. She told him that he was a wonderful lover and that he had nothing to worry about. She told him that she expected him to keep this a secret forever. Zeeshan quickly agreed! Zeeshan told her that she is an amazing woman and an amazing lover and that she had the sexiest body he had ever touched or had sex with. Zeeshan turned to me and told me how lucky I was. I agreed. As I led my wife to our bedroom, she leaned up and whispered in my ear, "We're not done yet!" Zeeshan came again and we fucked her for 2 more hours. My friend respected her like his bhabhi and he never tried to make it a love affair.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Ex Wife With Another Man

My Ex-Wife was such a hot wife. She always wanted to explore her sexual fantasies with other Men. It was not my fantasy initially to Share her with strangers . But, She liked Sharing lifestyle and she was just more than crazy to adopt that. I was a bit reluctant in start but when I saw her habits and her liking I got used to it.A number of times I have seen her watching double entry movies and reading such stories where wives wanted to cheat their husband.A strange thing about her was that she never tried to hide it from me.She was never agreed to break our marriage and she always liked to perform a Wife Sharing session in my presence.

I wanted to share my own story here in Hot Wife Stories. There was a friend of mine who often visited my house for office work.our friendship was so deep that I never pretended to hide My Hot Wife from him.He was strong, Healthy and Muscular type of man with an attractive face.I felt a strange attraction developing in my wife for my friend.She liked to talk about him and often we discussed about my friend.
I saw the shines appearing in her eyes while we talked about my friend.So,I started developing my mind about Sharing My Wife with him but a strange fear of loosing her stopped me many times.I was not having a lack of Sexual drive or lack of size that can make her think of Another Man but it was too strange for me.

Finally,I felt that she wants to get a screwing session from my friend.I asked her openly while making love at bed time and she confessed her likings.I asked her to proceed but without letting my friend know that I also wanted that.She started seducing my friend and developed a relation soon.
Within a couple of weeks,She invited him home and he felt very lucky.He tried to hide his visit from me but he didn't know that I have already planned to make of movie of that session.When he arrived at our home,he was surprised and frightened to see me inside the bedroom.Me and My Hot Wife laughed loudly and he got the idea that we both wanted that session.


I hope everybody would like her as she was a real beauty.I feel unlucky that I lost her even after allowing her to fulfill her fantasies.I hope all Wife Lovers would like My hot Wife Pictures.

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