Monday, January 5, 2015

Watched My Wife Having Sex With A Stranger

I watched my wife sitting in the room and having sex with a stranger. Like most husbands who consent to watching other men have sex with their wives, I consider myself to be the same, horny, and very open-minded man. I am bold enough to have most of the sex amusements at my disposal, and yet I often find myself quite bored sometimes.

Making Mind Of My Wife
My horny wife and I have been married for seven years. It's been a great, happy marriage, but the spark has certainly faded after having two kids. One night we were discussing what we could do to bring a little excitement back into our marriage. To find something suitable, we started sorting the internet. There we found plenty of ideas but the thing that sparked us was that I should share my hot wife. When I suggested that she have to intercourse with a stranger while I watched, we both thought it was worth a shot. The next few nights, we discussed it again and again to make up my wife's mind. Finally, we decided to give it a try.There would be no love story or love affection involved, rather it would be just a sex session.

Picking Up A Stranger For My Hot Wife
leaving our kids at grandma, We went out to market to find a  suitable stranger, who might be willing to take part in our little experiment. And while my wife and I are alike in so many ways, we soon learned that the one area in which we differ is in our taste in men. I was looking for someone of medium height, but rugged. The kind of fellow who might have been on my college squad. My wife, however, wanted a black, or someone with a muscular body and attractive looks. As is often the way with a marriage, this would take some compromise on both our parts.

I sat at a table of a bar with two small flags, one red, the other green. My hot wife started roaming around through the market and flirt with men she found attractive. When a man returned her flirt, she'd look to me for my opinion. I'd wave the green flag if I found the man appealing and thought I might like to see him enter my wife. If the man in question was not to my liking, I'd wave the red flag and my wife would move on.

Finally, My wife stood side by side with a man who was three inches taller than me and looked ten years younger. He didn't look quite so tall when I'd waved my green flag a moment earlier. She came near me and said; He's into it.

How I Watched My wife Having Sex?
Birt and I shook hands. "You'll be discreet?" I asked. Birt mimed turning a key in a lock on his lips and then tossing the key aside. That was good enough for me.

My wife rode in Birt's car on the way home, and I followed in our car. We were all so excited that we would have made it home in record time if Birt hadn't pulled into a drive-thru to pick up some burritos.

Back at the house, we drew up some ground-rules that we could all agree on. We made it clear to Birt that would be no violence, and that if we felt he had crossed a line he was to stop on our command. Birt only asked that he be allowed to choose the positions of fuck. Once we finished our burritos, we all retired to the bedroom.

When the actual sex came about, we were all rather formal with each other. My wife remained on her back and kept a kind smile on her face. Birt seemed to try a little too hard to do right by us, repeatedly asking me if I could see okay. And when I put my feet up on the ottoman I grew more concerned with the dire state of my pedicure than with what was happening on my bedspread.

Birt started pulling of my wife's dress. he removed her bra, panty and started licking her pussy. He licked her like a whipped cream. She definitely enjoyed the working of his tongue. Then he pulled his monsters out. his cock was delightfully good. about 2 inches bigger than me but looked like an elbow. And believe me, when he pushed it inside my wife, she screamed for a while as her pussy lips stretched to fuller. He started drilling her and I sat aside watching that awesome fucking. He kept on grinding her pussy slowly. Then he switched her holes. From pussy to mouth. she sucked him quite good and licked all her balls, cock shaft and his legs. I got my dick erect as well. 

Then birt asked her to sit on his cock and jump. She ride his monsters for at least 10 minutes. Birt again got up and made her a doggy. He banged her deep in this position. I felt, I had never done it so deep and so fast. she was moaning like a bitch. Fuck me, fuck me, let my hubby watch it good. she was almost crying and begging for a deeper fuck. Birt drilled her every corner. 

finally, It was the peak time and birt was ready to explode. He looked at me and asked for an approval to deposit his cum inside. Though it was risky but I allowed him to deposit his semen beep. He made the final push and unloaded his guns inside my wife's horny pussy. When it was all over, I thanked Birt and sent him on his way. My wife stayed in bed and wept with her knees pulled up under her chin. It took several weeks before we would be able to arrange another fuck to please each other again.

Ultimately, this evening of playful, supposedly "youthful" experimentation only served to call my attention to my own mortality. I feel younger and more horny about her than I've ever felt. By inviting Birt into our bedroom, it feels as if she has impregnated her with the seed of birt. See Hot Images Of Shared Wife

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