Saturday, May 30, 2015

Why Do Husbands Share Their Wives?

We are analyzing a critical question that "Why Do Husbands Share Their Wives?"The wife swapping fantasy often leads to Wife sharing and why this happens.This is a reality based article about Hot wife and husbands.The real Wife lovers have shared their thought about Wife Sharing lifestyle and everything which leads them towards sexual satisfaction.The thought behind this post is to explain the real scenarios behind this wonderful lifestyle and also to bring the facts for husbands and Hot Wives.No doubt,sharing a beautiful hot wife with some other guy brings the best sexual satisfaction for the majority of broad-minded couples.If both partners are willing to adopt this lifestyle,they can enjoy the wonders of sex involving wife without disturbing their married life.couples can enjoy these hot wife stories without any hesitation.See the comments of wife sharing Husbands and wives below.

Dano,Husband From Qatar;
I want to watch my Hot wife having sex with another man and I have no desire for a guy whatsoever.I think it's because I want confirmation she is still hot and desired by others.Of course she will enjoy the sex but she has told me she wouldn't do it.If she does,then she thinks I will want her to do her girlfriend next or the mailman.....she did say she would gladly bang George Clooney or Brad Pitt though.


Maria;A wife from USA
My husband shares me and has since we were married six years ago.I still love him and he loves me.I think for some men its a control thing.And for others its like Dano said," it confirms that they're still hot and desirable"

Mrs Gruce;A Hot wife From Russia
I had better move south,sex is sex and love is love if I want to try another guy and my husband wants to watch good on us,We have had a threesome with two girls so maybe it's my turn.I know my husband loves the thought that other men still think I'm sexy.My husband wants me to try a black guy.

John;A Wife Sharing husband from London
I love to see my wife getting banged by another guy.The truth is that I love to see different tools every week.I was a gay throughout my life before marriage.Hence,my love for a nice tool is on extreme.I love holding a man's tool in my hand and then pushing it inside my wife with my own hands.I am not sexually UN-fit.I am well-endowed as well.The reality is simple that I love to see other tools as well.I am also thankful to my Hot wife who helps me in fulfilling my fantasies.We are living a happy life with one baby(My own baby).

Shahid;Wife swapping Pakistani husband
Well,to be very true,Its a very tough going in Pakistan when you talk about wife swapping.The community has such couples but search is very important.If someone knows that we are such a couple,our life would be in curtains.To be frank,By sharing my wife with any other husband or boy I get an opportunity to enjoy another woman as well.every week,we try to have a couple at our home and enjoy a full four some action by swapping pairs.So far,I have enjoyed 7 women/Girls by sharing my single wife and it is not a deal of loss.

Eric;Turkey husband
My fantasies were slightly different from you people.I simply wanted to watch my hot wife being massaged by another man.I do prefers young man.I wanted to see how my wife feels if some teen guy touches her breasts and then licks her down inside.Believe me,I really got enough in this session of wife Massage.I would share my wife Massage stories here so that you people can also enjoy my hot wife.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sharing My Hot Wife With Close Friend

Finally my dream of Wife Sharing came true.I struggled a lot to convince My Hot Wife to sex with another man.It was my fantasy for years so I rested the option on My Wife.I convinced her for months and Let her to choose a man for her.I guessed that she liked my office friend.A few times when my friend visited my home,She had given him a special attention.Although,she was never a cheating wife but she can't stop her liking my friend.My Hot Wife Stories were not finished on liking only as I selected my friend to perform the subject matter to Bang My Wife.I let them get closer to each other and when I felt that now it is a perfect time for Sharing My Wife,I expressed my feelings to my Hot Wife.
I discussed it with my friend but he was very shy in expressing his feelings about my Wife.I got him frank and then he told me the truth.He always wished to screw my wife.So,I invited him home to make my fantasies a reality.I wanted to keep these memories for ever so I put my mobile phone on recording to capture the entire session video.These Photos might not be very clear.
The session started with a mouth-job and I was keen to observe my friend's tool.He was quite bigger than me in size.My Wife really loved that and he screwed her throat nicely.
It was probably the best moments of our married life.I considered her a girl friend and let my friend to do it wildly.
She seemed thirsty for two tools at a time inside and I loved her thirst.She was moaning loudly and her juices were flowing out.
After listening my words to do it wildly,My friend wanted to enter her from behind.It was not easy to accept but i let him to screw her from behind.He rides her like a horse and I could fell the pain on her face due to back screwing.
If I had done Wife Swap,I may not enjoy that so much as I did it in sharing my wife with friend.He managed to hit her deeper than me.
This Wife Sharing Session ended in almost 2-3 hours before my wife got tired.We both released for 2-3 times each and she had wild orgasms for at least three times.I have fulfilled my fantasies by her mutual agreement so nothing was weary between us.We are living happy and my friend is our permanent sex partner now.I am also planning for Wife Massage at some spa so that my Hot Wife can enjoy more pleasures.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Pakistani Wife Swapping Story

This is my first Wife Sharing story here.Once my Hot wife Sidra and me (Salman) went to Thailand to spend our holidays.The first day while we were having our lunch at hotel,a couple sitting next to us came to speak us hearing that we were speaking urdu.They introduced themselves as Nadia and Rehan.They were also from Pakistan and by co-incidence,He was also working as businessman in the same city where I was working,but in different areas,we were almost of the same age group.That meeting became a Wife swapping meeting.
Getting a nice and Hot Couple in a foreign country was nice for us.Me and my wife liked their company.With in a short span of time we became friends.My wife and his wife were stepped little bit more than us.Later on we decided to vacate our rooms which were at the different lodges and planned to hire a cottage so that we could pass our holidays toegther.Nadia was a great and sexually attractive lady.She has a nice pair of melons and rehan was also a handsome man.
We took a cottage which had two beautiful bed rooms,a hall and all.That day and the next day we spent on visiting some locations together.The next day Nadia and Sidra went on shopping so me and rehan were spending time by watching T.V.The room boy came to serve us and surprisingly we both asked for bear.The hotel boy was also very nice and he told us to jump on to the channel in which the management usually play some hot movies.when we switched on to that channel we saw two couples having swapping fun in the woods.They were swapping each other at the intervals,while watching,we were conversing about our sexuality.suddenly rehan asked me about swapping,I had never done it before but I was sure that if I asked my wife,she may get agree.
But I asked him how to convey this to our wives?We decided to convey the wife sharing message without any hesitation.When they came back,I told my wife about our intention and also told her to think about that after discussing with her new friend.I did not forced her.Rehan also did the same according to our plan then we both went outside leaving them to discuss.

When we returned back we saw smiles at their faces.I asked my wife about the matter and she told that they both discussed and agreed for that approach.Then in the evening we went to a hotel for our dinner.Nadia came and sat with me while my wife sat with Rehan.My excitement was building so I placed my hand on her thigh for which she smiled and pinched my thigh.After finishing our meal we came back in the room.Me and Rehan again switched on the same sex channel.Soon we called our wives and both sat with each other's husband.Nadia kissed on my lips and I started sucking her tongue.Rehan was busy in squeezing my hot wife's milky breasts.Soon my wife was sucking his hard tool when I caressed her breasts and made her totally nude.At the same time Nadia removed my clothes and performed the same mouth-job on my tool.

My wife started to stroke his tool after lubricating it nicely with her was really the greatest moment of my life to see my wife with an other person while me playing with a hot wife Nadia.Then I licked her vagina while Rehan performed a finger push pull inside my sexy wife.Both ladies were moaning loud and creating some great noises.Suddenly someone knocked outside.It was very bothering moment but when second knock came,I got up and wrapped a towel around my waist and went out.It was strange to see the hotel boy there.He said,sir you have ordered the bear so it is ready.

My devilish mind started to think another way.He was too cute so I decided to include him in our wife sharing session.I asked him to wait for a few minutes.I came in and asked in rehan's ear that I had another man to provide us more fun.He was very hot due to my wife's hot lips so he agreed without taking any time.I came out and asked the hotel boy to come in.He enetered inside and when he looked towards our beds,he was stunned to see the two ladies playing with tool.He placed the bear and smiled.I asked him to join and he hesitated a bit.

Soon,he got excited by the idea and after locking the door again,he removed his clothes.He was a short boy with a medium tool.I asked him to suck my wife and Nadia one by one.He started licking their love holes while both ladies continued to work on our tools.Then it was a time for a nice finishing session.rehan got up and rammed my hot wife's vagina deeply.The hotel boy provided a dirty mouth-fk to our wives one by one.Then i asked the hotel boy to screw both wives from rear hole.He obliged and Nadia and sidra went into the xtremes of sex while taking two tools in.Then we exchanged the holes as well.Rehan screwed my wife's back hole while the hotel guy entered her mouth and front hole.Same was done with Nadia.

This hot bang session went for at least one hour.Finally,the happy ending came out and all three men fired their hot loads on both wives.It was a mesh up of kum smell when we all fired on their breasts.Both seemed more than relaxed after the session.I asked the hotel boy to keep it a secret as we can have a few more session with him.He was nice and keen to keep it between us and I also paid him 100$we stayed in Thailand for at least two weeks.During those two weeks,the wife sharing session was performed every other day.We became nice sex buddies after that wife swapping holidays.

Friday, May 1, 2015

A Fantasy Night Of Couple Threesome

This story is for all those who love their hot wives. I love my hot wife fantasy. We are a genuine couple enjoying a happy marriage.My wife had always been very hot, nice boobs and a nice ass to die for. My story is about the night that changed our married lives. We are 32/29 years old respectively.
Last month, it was her birthday and we both decided to have a dinner and night-stay at a hotel. She had a habit of wearing deep-necked clothes that reveal her cleavage to some extent. I loved watching her boobs line while purchasing household at the market. She chose a low cut dress that showed off her nice boobs line just rightly. The dinner had been so good with some chicken tikkas, kabobs and fish.By the time we got back to the hotel we were horny and tipsy. However we decided to go to the lounge area for some chit chat and watching others staying at the hotel. By this time had done some kissing and touching teasing in the room.

We went outside and found some great guys sitting outside. Some of them were having their women alongside, while a couple of guys were singles or alone. We sat for a while and I found a guy staring my horny wife. Instead of feeling it bad, It made me horny.I excused myself to go to the toilet, leaving her alone for a while, giving her an atmosphere of dating that guy. I got aside to watch If my hot wife notices him. OMG, as soon as I left the lounge, that guy quickly arrived around my sexy wife. It provoked all my lusty feelings about her and I started watching them. She didn't mind him coming, and smiled when he said hello to her. They had a bit of conversation which I didn't heard but it looked like a name exchange and some formality. Meanwhile, the guy handed over a visiting card to my wife and she took it smilingly.

The guy was around his mid 20's. When I returned back, she told me about the guy. She laughed and said, the guy was probably very horny about me. I smiled and asked who was he? She said; He introduced himself as a businessman and said he was staying in room no xxx for a business tour. she told me that he had proposed her an invitation to his room. I was excited. I asked what she wants? She said, nothing , it was a time pass. I smiled and said; well if you wanna enjoy, lets make it your birthday treat. She laughed and said; did you mean it? Yes, I mean it. She thought for a while and then leaned over and kissed me. 

We chatted and she told me that his eyes were wandering towards her breasts. She appeared to notice and kept smiling encouragingly. It was my turn to get the horny side of wife out.

We stood up and decided to have fun in his room where he was waiting for her. He was almost shocked when he saw me along my wife wife. He was stunned for a while but my wife broken the silence and said, meet my husband. He smiled and we shakes hands. He invited us to have a seat, asked for rinks but we denied. We had a formal conversation that finally began into a sex chat. He shown a regret of not having a woman at that time but we smiled and said , we can have fun together. He was surprised by the offer but he smiled, saying; OMG , its luck.

No sooner had they started kissing, running their hands over each other, I could feel my cock throbbing. She started unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest, he slipped her dress off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. My sexy wife was now in her bra and panty in front of a stranger.

She reached his belt and unbuckled it, she reached and pulled them down. He continued to touch her, I approached from behind and undid her bra, freeing her breasts. She lowered herself down, removing his underwear as she did. In this movement up sprang his thick hard dick. Within seconds she had wrapped her lips around it.

I took my cue and undressed myself, my cock had never been that harder. As she sucked the strangers cock I pulled her panty off and started to rub her from behind, she was so hot and wet.

After several minutes he took her hands and led her into the bed, he laid down and she climbed on top, his cock stood up like a pillar now inches from her. I was staying behind about to watch him enter her. Slowly she lowered herself onto his huge cock (he was about 2 inches bigger than me). I never wanted to miss a chance to record the moments, so I switched on my cell phone camera and kept it on the table to the right angle. I wanted to capture the shots for future.

Backwards and forwards she rocked on it, letting out groans of pleasure as he filled her completely. I had never seen something so horny and started to wank myself behind them. They continued to fuck until she raised herself off. She turned around on all fours and looked straight at me, without hesitation I stuck my cock in her eager mouth.

Meanwhile he positioned himself behind her and pushed into her again. As we fucked I reached for her breasts that were swinging with each thrust.

She started to push back quicker and harder and I knew she was going to cum. She let out a series of moans before with one last movement she came. She rolled over on the bed, looking so hot.

We took our turns kissing her as we wanked next to her before finally shooting our loads over her beautiful breasts. We all collapsed in a heap together. The things were not over yet, his cock was still semi-erect even after the fuck. My wife grabbed his cock and again started making him ready. And, surprisingly, he got ready again within one minute. what a man he was, I always took 4-5 minutes break, giving her the 2nd fuck but the stranger guy was stunning. He pushed her in missionary style and started grinding her pussy. Watching them fucking so good, I got ready again. 

My mind sparked for Double penetration, so I asked them to turn over the position for DP. My wife was surprised, she had tried anal with me many times but it was her first DP. He got up and as soon as she took me inside her dripping pussy, he entered her ass. He pushed it inside, with all those moans of my wife, inch by inch inside her ass and about 2/3rd of his monster dick went inside before reaching her pelvic. She held his thighs and he understood her pain. He moved slowly, caressing her ass, while I licked her boobs. She went into pleasure within 1-2 minutes of DP, he fucked her good, keeping her ass pleasure in mind. 

The DP was so heavenly that she moaned louder than before. Her expressions told the story of her pleasure.We fucked her for another 0-30 minutes and then we both came inside her holes.

This was the first of a series that night we went for threesome. We thanked each other and he was too much happy and thankful on giving him a nice time. We left his room and got back. It was the real fun of life. till day, we are trying this every month at least 2 times. She's more jolly, happy and horny than ever.

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