Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wife Shared With BBC

I am happily married. My wife is reaching her mid 30's. A year ago, I decided to share my wife with BBC. You may think it as a rubbish thought but let me tell you the story behind this. We have been married for past 10 years and we have enjoyed every delight of life together. Somehow, our fucking routine went horribly wrong due to a routine practice. It felt like a job practice. We talked about the subject and she let me to decide what we could do to add some spice. We read many stories online and finally decided to share my wife with a black stud. A stranger was the best choice for us to keep our life safe. And we also decided to do it outside town for more safety. We went out of town to a vacation place, stayed in hotel and there we got a nice black bull who fucked my hot wife so nicely that I loved to watch.

It was not that easy when it started. Watching your wife having sex with a stranger in-front of you is quite disturbing in start but as it happens, it feels amazing. Same thing happened to us as well. Initially, I kept on sitting aside and watching my wife having sex with that black bull but within the few next minutes, I got a hard-on. I just wanted him to drill my wife brutally as you see the wife-bbc-sex-gif below.

He felt quite bigger to me when I saw his nice cock. Well, that was another thing which motivated us into wife sharing, the glory of a different cock size. How things went on in reality, Watch this video below.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Best Pictures Of Hot Wife

I have been blissfully enjoying my wife and her hot feelings for 3 years.There is this urge I need to watch my Hot wife with an other stud, man. Along with the ordinary urge of needing to be with an alternate woman, I may like to try some trios and group-fun. I am confounded in light of the fact that I adore my wife both physically and rationally however might want to satisfy these urges.has anybody done this before and what did you think. Rate this hot wife party.







There were the encountered couples, my hot wife and my closest companion love to reach them. My closest companion was a gentleman that I ran to class with and somebody that I might believe my existence as well. He is greatly rich, from his size too, he has never requested us to pay and flown us to places that not even film stars get to experience. He is recently very much intrigued to share my wife.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hot Wife Party

I love wives who like to enjoy this lifestyle.We have arranged a Hot Wife Party last week and here are your favorite Hot Wife Pictures.Some of those wives really liked to go wild while a few pretended to be slightly conserved.But,all Wives enjoyed this Wife Sharing fun and husbands loved wild action with other wives.This is a real fun and the most amazing act to explore the varieties of Wife Sex.Women feel happy when they have a variety to select for their favorite tool and almost every Hot Wife loves that.







Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pictures Of Shared Hot Wife

I am so excited to share a guest post with you all today.It’s written by my hubby who loves Hot Wife Photos.If you ever read this blog,which is a great resource for Hot wives and Wife Sharing Husbands,it’s like free access into our guys’ minds,you’ll know his mind is dirtier than mine,but worth it.Me and my Husband were having a discussion along the lines of this post and I said,“Hey,wanna write a post?He gladly agreed,so,without further ado,here’s a collection of Photos which explain the life of a Hot Wife.

It doesn’t matter how you feel about that sex,or how you cringe when you look in the mirror and see those bang scenes–your husband couldn’t care less!He thinks you’re the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth,and even when he tells you this,you dismiss it,and say stuff like “thanks honey,but I don’t think so”,or “well,you may feel that way,but nobody else does”.Please don’t do this!Your husband isn’t trying to “put you on” by telling your he thinks your body is amazing -he truly thinks it is!You have to learn to accept the compliment as him being honest, and say thank you,instead of trying to play it off.And that leads me to my next point of wife sharing.


I realize all husbands are different,and some prefer some things over others,but overall,I feel that there are a lot of wives out there who REALLY WANT to make their sex life with their husband what God intended it to be,but sometimes get frustrated by not understanding why he’s always asking for sex,even when they just had it,or what he means when he says things like “I just want you to want me”The idea of Wife sharing sometimes pleases husbands more than anything else.


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