Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wife Breeding Story

Hi reader. We have been married for 5 years. My husband tried a lot but he had not been successful in breeding his hot wife. We made so many efforts including position changes, sex on different times and different locations but don't know why he was failed giving me a child. One day, we decided to do something naughty regarding getting pregnant. He proposed that I should get fucked by someone else. I looked at him and wondered why he wanted that. He winked and believe me , I loved the idea. It could be so much fun getting fucked by another man when your husband allows. I decided to give it a try. we sold our video to another sex site but we wanted to share it free here.

Wife Breeding By A Stranger
My husband has not been medically unfit to breed me, but don't know why his semen were not matching my eggs. We had done all medical tests and everything was ok. Probably his cock was not shaped well to perfectly touch my ovary pathway or there might be something else. It was such a nice idea to get pregnant with someone else's semen and I was so happy that my husband wanted to try this. 

We thought about having a baby through someone else but who could be that lucky bastard. Suddenly, we met this guy. He was fit enough, having nice black cock to reach my holes inside and fuck me good. We were sitting at a hotel when he arrived there. My husband winked at me and within 1-2 hours I flirted him enough that he could give me a good fuck. I told him that my husband wants him to breed me. OMG; he was amazed to hear that.Looking at me and staring my firm big tits, he agreed for wife breeding.

My husband booked a room for us and soon we all three were inside. My husband wanted to watch the entire fucking session and asked him that he should deposit his semen as deep as he can. He delightfully agreed. He said, Don't worry friend, I will fill her vagina, you got a hot wife. It would be amazing to share your wife, and my husband smiled.


Slowly, and steadily he undressed me, kissed me and I sucked him for a while. Then he licked me, while my husband watched and filmed the entire scene. I was enjoying it all because I knew it was my husband's plan of wife sharing. He wanted me to get fucked, to get pregnant. 

The horny black guy licked me, and given me a good fuck in all positions. Later , when he was about to cum, he pressed his cock deeper and deeper, depositing all his semen inside me which never leaked out. We spent good time with him. It was around an hour of hot wife sharing.
Now, I am going to tell you the last luck of wife breeding story. Believe me, I got pregnant with only one fuck of that black guy. Later, after 9 months we got a baby, Thanks God, the baby was shaped like me , mixed color but looked like his mom. My husband is very happy to have a kid. We are enjoying our marriage with our 1 year old baby now. Read Another Story Of A Hot Wife Fantasy.

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